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smart car favourite: furniture by eco-artisan
This is a must see, and a smart car favourite! To a fruity jazz backing track, watch Brazilian designer Rodrigo Calixto turn a load of reclaimed wood into beautiful art and furniture. Calixto runs the... read more
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smart car winter driving tips
You don’t need us to tell you that the UK has been experiencing freezing weather in recent weeks, you might not know about the best way to handle driving in these treacherous conditions. smart car... read more
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Think smart car, think Indola
For all those hairdressers that are finding the joy of giving customers a new hair-do is waning a little, perhaps this new smart car competition will give them back their mojo. Hair colour and products... read more
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facebook app creates festive smart cars
The next best thing to a gleaming new smart car is a model of a smart car – especially if it’s one you made yourself. So if you’re dreaming of a brand new smart for... read more
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smart car Jingle Bells!
Merry Christmas from all at smart UK! Here’s the perfect seasonal vid to wish your friends a smart car Christmas. Visit for the latest smart stories, and visit our official facebook page.
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smart car at home in trials
Those drivers switching from their conventional cars to the latest smart car fortwo electric drive model are making a compelling case for the alternative energy pioneer. As part of the year-long trial, sponsored by the... read more
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smart car approves of a greener cleaner!
smart car fans are always up for getting the best results in the most sustainable way possible, and it seems like this new cleaning product shares the same eco-responsible values as the smart car. Minnesota... read more
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smart car cosy!
Ever fancied dashing around some of the coolest cities in the world, diving into squeezy parking spaces and nipping down narrow streets – all without a coat on? That would be fine if the sun... read more
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2011 smart car calendar on sale now!
If you’re looking for the perfect stocking filler for a green-living loved-one, or even a Secret Santa gift for the smartest person in your office, this is the news you’ve been waiting for. Remember we... read more
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smart car photo shoot: Behind the Scenes at Canary Wharf
Here’s some fun footage of a recent smart car photo shoot at Canary Wharf, featuring our models for the day Dan Pearce and David Tansley. Check out our official facebook page at