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07.09.2011 | smart car UK | Leave a comment
Here’s the smart update
Thanks to the clever technical team at smart car we’ve got an update that makes a few positive tweaks to the highline radio unit for recently-bought smart fortwos. The update is now available and you... read more
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Your smart car roof just got a little smarter!
You know how we love to keep adding new smart touches to the smart car family? Well, there are two new roof colours available at smart car retailers now that are certainly getting people talking.... read more
31.08.2011 | smart car UK | Leave a comment
The smart festival 2011 web app is coming!
Even though the smart car itself has diminutive proportions, the world of smart is always getting bigger. If you’ve not yet heard about the smart festival web app, let us share the latest addition to... read more
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smart car favourite: tomorrow’s tablet looks smart
Now here is a future-ready product that ticks almost as many brilliant boxes as the delicious smart car! It’s hard to imagine that a portable computer that’s even more advanced than the latest tablets could... read more
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Ever fancied a smaller smart car?
There are times when the smart car fortwo is just too big. Gasp! Really? Really. And that’s why we’re excited to tell you about our latest city mobility concept – the smart ebike. With all... read more
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smart car favourite: green power islands
With the fortwo electric drive smart car are already leading the way when it comes to energy efficiency, and the smart car playing top trumps in the gas-nibbling stakes, it won’t surprise you to know... read more
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smart car favourite: school learns about smart art
Thanks to a mutually-beneficial partnership between Mercedes-Benz, smart of Northampton and Wellingborough Prep School, the smart car art competition has certainly got youngsters from years 4, 5 and 6 inspired. This latest competition saw the... read more
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Guess who I had in the back of my smart car…
Saving money and fuel emissions while doing something exciting… that’s the perfect recipe for a smart car story if ever there was one! This brand new venture by an established taxi company in Nottingham will... read more
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New smart fortwo Boxfresh Style Edition announced
We’re super excited to announce our latest smart car special edition, the smart fortwo Boxfresh Style Edition.  Styled by smart and the clever designers at Boxfresh, the car takes inspiration from the Boxfresh Concept Car... read more
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Cool used smart car locator
There’s now a fast way to track down a quality approved used smart car thanks to our quick and easy used smart locator. Speedy online service With more smarts on Britain’s roads than ever before,... read more