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Tomorrow’s smart car today
It’s true that we’ve only just seen a new generation of smart car in the smart fortwo electric drive, but there’s already a brand new kid on the urban mobility block! Unveiled at the Geneva... read more
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Electric smart car goes stateside
It’s said that America is five years ahead of the UK, but when it comes to electric cars…we’re in the lead! But thankfully both sides of the pond can now be winners in the electric... read more
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smart car special edition: nightorange
The smart car fortwo nightorange truly puts the special in special edition. With its sporty yet chic metallic orange body panels with black trim, a perfect head-turning combo, the smart fortwo nightorange special edition is... read more
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smart plates?
If your crockery collection consists of a gaggle of mismatched plates, you may want to take a look at these little beauties. A million miles away from boring, the bubble-shaped plates are individually handmade and... read more
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smart car game
Are you’re sitting at your desk, day dreaming about taking a ride in a smart car? This could be the game for you! The new online adventure from Java Gaming gives you the chance to... read more
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smart car plastic’s fantastic
It won’t surprise you to know that there are a whole load of clever people that are involved in making the smart car. After all, such a good looking piece of eco-driving genius doesn’t happen... read more
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smart has unveiled the perfect solution for owners who literally have designs on making their smart fortwo even more individual. The smart foryou customisation programme offers enthusiasts the chance to enhance and personalise the appearance... read more
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Mercedes-Benz USA Intends to Transition the Distribution of smart from Penske Automotive Group
Stuttgart/Montvale, NJ – Mercedes-Benz USA LLC and Penske Automotive Group (NYSE:PAG) yesterday announced they have started discussions to transition the distribution rights, management, sales and marketing activities of smart USA from Penske Automotive Group to... read more
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David Coulthard: the future of smart car
Check out this energy-filled video and you’ll see racing driving legend David Coulthard sharing his love of the smart car! And it’s not only the video that’s energy-filled, as Mr Coulthard is preparing to take... read more
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2011 smart car special editions
It fills us with considerable joy and more than a little pride to give you an overview of the smart car special edition highlights of 2010 and a peak at the special edition smart cars... read more