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smart car plastic’s fantastic
It won’t surprise you to know that there are a whole load of clever people that are involved in making the smart car. After all, such a good looking piece of eco-driving genius doesn’t happen... read more
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David Coulthard: the future of smart car
Check out this energy-filled video and you’ll see racing driving legend David Coulthard sharing his love of the smart car! And it’s not only the video that’s energy-filled, as Mr Coulthard is preparing to take... read more
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Chart topping smart car
Just because smart car fans already know just how smashingly special the smart fortwo is, doesn’t mean we don’t like hearing it again sometimes! It warmed our cockles to find out that respected auto industry... read more
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smart car favourite: water-works
You might not think that bird excrement is the most inspiring of sources, but smart car can confirm that it has helped to launch a smashing new eco-product. The Dutch inventor Pieter Hoff has come... read more
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Asia’s first electric drive smart car
Indonesian people are well-known for their love of big gas-guzzling vehicles, so the introduction of the very first electric drive smart car in the capital Jakarta is certainly something worth celebrating. In fact, the smart... read more
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smart car future for electric motoring
Have you ever heard the phrase ‘virtuous circle’? Basically, it’s when lots of things happen that reinforce a good message, and it’s the perfect illustration of what will happen if more people start buying eco-responsible... read more
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car2go smart car launches in Hamburg
smart car are more than excited to tell you about the latest adventures of the smart fortwo car2go edition! The smart car sharing scheme car2go, already a big hit in Austin, Texas and Ulm in... read more
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smart car goes for gold with the fortwo electric drive
The Olympics are not the only reason why smart car is counting down to 2012. It also marks the start of our future-focused smart fortwo electric drive going into commercial production. And with the smart... read more
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smart car at home in trials
Those drivers switching from their conventional cars to the latest smart car fortwo electric drive model are making a compelling case for the alternative energy pioneer. As part of the year-long trial, sponsored by the... read more
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smart car approves of a greener cleaner!
smart car fans are always up for getting the best results in the most sustainable way possible, and it seems like this new cleaning product shares the same eco-responsible values as the smart car. Minnesota... read more