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17.09.2010 | smart car UK | Comments Off
Knitting is cool, says smart car
Knitting; perhaps not the first thing that comes to mind when you think ‘street’ activities, but for one urban artist, it provides a great inspiration. Austin, Texas based Magda Sayeg is the founder of the... read more
15.09.2010 | smart car UK | Comments Off
A smart thinker rings a bell
It takes someone pretty unique to be inspired by the humble doorbell. Since smart car fans love to be unique, so we couldn’t help but be impressed with the story of David Barry. Barry, a... read more
14.09.2010 | smart car UK | Comments Off
New smart fortwo revealed
Watch this exclusive 2010 smart car facelift advert. This is due to be aired on the 16th September 2010. Find out more at
13.09.2010 | smart car UK | Comments Off
German city goes electric with smart
A city in southwest Germany has joined the smart electric revolution. Stefan Mappus, the State Premier of the city of Baden-Württemberg, has taken delivery of the first of 200 smart fortwo electric drive vehicles that... read more
10.09.2010 | smart car UK | Comments Off
smarter parking
A new apartment block featuring 99 apartments and only 56 car parking spaces might not sound appealing to the average motorist, but thanks to a new car-sharing scheme down under, there’s quite a queue! This... read more
07.09.2010 | smart car UK | Comments Off
smart festival 2010
We had a great time at smart festival 2010 last weekend. There was a record turn out of 1,420 smart cars, and not just the smart fortwo, but also the smart forfour, smart brabus, fortwo... read more
01.09.2010 | smart car UK | Comments Off
smart fortwo pink passion special edition
Take a look at this fantastic new smart car, the soon to be released fortwo pink passion special edition! See the pink passion and other smart fortwo special editions at smart festival 2010. Visit read more
31.08.2010 | smart car UK | Comments Off
smart launches facebook page for the UK
We’re pleased to announce that smart has launched an official smart car UK facebook page, providing our vibrant and growing online community with a great place to convene. Photos from two previous smart festivals are... read more
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Get green at smart festival 2010
Whilst smart festival 2010 is sure to be more fun than you can shake a smart car at, it doesn’t mean that we’re not responsible. You’ll find a flock of green features nestling alongside the... read more
27.08.2010 | smart car UK | Comments Off
A smart week!
Hi There, This week has flown by, with a lot of my time spent on smart (I look after Mercedes customer communications too!). Now that the smart festival is only a week away, I’ve been... read more