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@smartfortwouk reaches 1000 followers!
smart are pleased to announce that the @smartfortwouk twitter account has reached a milestone of 1000 followers! The celebrated title of the 1000th follower goes to @yamatogokoro_jp. Follow @smartfortwouk to keep updated with all the latest... read more
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smart loves Wimbledon
This year’s Wimbledon tournament has made record-breaking history in its first week. Day three saw the beginning of something special in men’s single match with John Isner and Nicholas Mahut. The match began on Tuesday... read more
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Drive Smart – Get more miles part 2
Last time we showed you what you could do to save a bit of fuel while driving your smart fortwo, but as with most things you can always save more fuel by driving like an... read more
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smart loves festivals
For many of us it’s the highlight of the summer – we check weather forecasts, pack up our tents and sleeping bags and hit the road. However, in past years weather conditions have been known... read more
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Drive Smart – Get more miles Part 1
Fuel costs are spiralling and while the smart fortwo is a brilliantly economical way to move around the urban jungle, there are always means to get you more miles for your money. Here’s the first... read more
04.06.2010 | smart car UK | Comments Off
smart loves a grand entrance
Here at smart there’s nothing we love more than a grand entrance, one which turns heads and gets everyone’s attention. Turning heads at the moment is the exclusive new smart designer iphone app available to... read more
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smart loves sport
Here at smart we are gearing ourselves up for the forthcoming World Cup in South Africa, alongside the rest of the nation, and world to be precise. Now, the question on the nation’s lips is,... read more
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The history of the little black dress
Ask any woman what she has the most of in her wardrobe, and she will almost certainly say little black dresses, or LBDs. After all, it has been the go-to staple item for nearly 100... read more
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smart loves space
The smart car is more spacious than you think. In this compact and fuel efficient car, there is room for you, a friend, both of your hand/man bags, coats and scarves in case the weather... read more
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Do people dream in colour?
There seems to be some controversy around whether or not people dream in colour. Dreams are so personal that whether you do or don’t, whichever way you see things you expect to be the norm... read more