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13.07.2011 | smart car UK | Leave a comment
smart car Firefox Persona
If you’re as excited about smart festival 2011 as we are then you’ll want to check out the new smart festival Firefox Persona we’ve created just for you. In true smart car spirit, this smart festival browser... read more
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All-white smart car
The most eagle-eyed smart car fans may have already noticed that there is an exciting new addition to the smart car 2011 price list… An all-white version of the smart fortwo is available now, with... read more
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smart car, smart times 2011
We know all you smart car fans have been patiently waiting for this year’s smart times event in Italy, so we thought we’d reward you with loads of news before the big weekend kicks off.... read more
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Growing smart car club
It won’t surprise you to hear that we love a good smart car club. We’ve been reading about one enterprising smart fortwo owner who has a wonderful smile and a passion for the nimble city mobile... read more
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smart car update: Highline Radio
Thanks to the clever technical team at smart car we’ve got an update that makes a few positive tweaks to the highline radio unit for recently-bought smart fortwos. The update is now available and you... read more
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The smart place to find a pre-loved smart car
As the demand for pre-loved smart cars -  fortwos, roadsters and forfours – reaches fever pitch, we thought you’d like to know how you can get your hands on one! The launch of our clever... read more
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Distant cousin of the smart car
We love to sing the praises of our extended family, so when smart car relative Mercedes-Benz came up with a new approach to an old form of transport, we wanted to show off! The helicopter... read more
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smart car favourite: The Cassette Chair
We can’t help but feel a pang of excitement when we see the spirit of the smart car in a totally different product. The terrific Cassette Tape Chair is one such example. If the name... read more
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smart car favourite: the smart E-Wall.
Have you seen the latest smart car favourite, the smart E-Wall? No, this isn’t the latest Disney movie – it’s a terrific eco-invention that’s kind of like a smart car kitchen! Don’t be confused, it... read more
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smart car favourite: the greenest service station
If you love driving your smart car on the open road, you’ll love this eco-excellent motorway adventure. Thanks to some pretty smart thinking by the Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside, a large... read more