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Oh Vienna! Car2go’s latest smart car home
The innovative car2go smart car hire scheme is on the road again! The latest city to get the go ahead to join the brilliant car sharing programme is Austria’s beautiful capital Vienna, with the smart car... read more
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smart forvision takes the heat
Effective temperature management is imperative in an energy efficient car, so when smart teamed up with BASF Global to create the smart car forvision, excellent heating and air conditioning was top of the list. Automotive... read more
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smart car 2012 loves electric
It’s been a great year for smart car. In the four years since the current generation fortwo smart car was launched, the iconic urban mobility vehicle has gained many thousands of fans, with more than half... read more
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smart car favourite: Vancouver students get car2go
A four-campus university in Canada has become the latest location for the innovative car2go smart car sharing scheme. Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Vancouver is offering its 18,000 students a monthly subsidy and free membership, allowing them... read more
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smart car favourite: energy saving is so smart
The latest urban driving concept from smart car has been created to stay one step ahead of the future of driving. Developed alongside BASF Global, the automotive industry’s leading chemical company, the smart forvision concept vehicle... read more
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smart car: the future of form and function
The futuristic look of the smart forvision sets the perfect balance between form and function, cleverly styled to include a mix of practical features and smart car thinking. The vehicle of tomorrow has an almost... read more
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smart car forfor BRABUS Britcar brilliance
We know you love nipping about in your smart car but you can rest assured that the pros feel just as excited! On 2 October, a rather impressive gathering of automotive experts joined together to... read more
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Sheffield’s own smart car festival
You probably already know all about the brilliant smart car goings-on at this year’s smart festival, and if you don’t you can pop over to our Facebook page to see all the pics. But what you... read more
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smart car favourite: electric drive for wheelchair users
If you thought the smart car fortwo electric drive was one of the world’s greatest eco-friendly urban mobility hero, you’d be right. But did you know that there’s a new kid on the block that’s... read more
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2011 smart fortwo Boxfresh Style Edition
Watch the cool smart fortwo Boxfresh Style Edition cruising through the London streets. Styled by smart and the clever designers at Boxfresh, this smart car takes inspiration from the Boxfresh Concept Car shown at smart... read more